Haunted Places of Virginia Beach

You may not have known but Virginia Beach is the perfect place to be this Halloween. This cheery beachside town comes with its own haunted past that can be witnessed throughout the city’s different historic sites. Get into the spirit of the season and use our guide to the best-haunted houses of Virginia Beach, only if you dare!

Ferry Plantation House

Dating back to the 1600s, the Ferry Plantation House brings with it a varied past. Once a starting point for a ferry service turned post office, and even a courthouse. It is here where trials took place for those accused of witchcraft and devil worship. It has been rumored that when the house was boarded up people could hear heavy chains and banging doors. Come to see for yourself!

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Princess Anne Country Club

Known as one of the most haunted places of Virginia Beach, the Princess Anne Country Club has many ghosts that haunt its grounds. Reportedly there are ghostly men who chase people away along with a quiet old bride who lingers in the bar area of the club.

Adam Thoroughgood House

Dating back to the early 1700s, this old cottage, now the museum is home to a few apparitions. One of which is a male spirit who walks around the house in a brown suit. There is also a red-hair woman dressed in a colonial style dress that lurks around the property. The staff of the museum say the ghosts are notorious for moving objects around, particularly the candlesticks!

Cavalier Hotel

Made famous from its famous visitors such as Al Capone and Bette Davis, the Cavalier Hotel is said to be home to the famous ghost of Adolph Coors, the founder of Coors Beer. People believe that Mr. Coors either jumped or fell from the hotel’s windows in 1929. There is even a cat that is said to be lurking around the property. A little girl drowned in the hotel’s pool trying to rescue her cat.

Old Coast Guard Tower

Connected with the Witch of Pungo, the Old Coast Guard Tower is said to be one of the most haunted places of Virginia Beach. Accused of witchcraft, Grace White was convicted and sentenced to death. She can still be heard cackling close by the light tower. There are even reports of hearing footsteps in the attic of the guard tower. The spirits are believed to be of those victims of shipwrecks who were brought to the tower until their bodies could be claimed by loved ones.

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