Best-Kept Secrets of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is known for many things such as its long stretches of shoreline, summer concerts, and the boardwalk but there are several hiddenthat some may not know about. Discover some of the best-kept secrets of Virginia Beach during your stay at Best Western Plus and see an entirely new side of Virginia Beach.

The Witch of Pungo Statue

Grace Sherwood was the last known individual convicted of being a witch in Virginia’s Commonwealth. Allegedly she and her husband were accused of bewitching their neighbors’ pigs and killing them. After her conviction from the “trial by ducking”, a process in which it was believed you were guilty if you floated to the top of the river vs. sinking. The “ducking” took place in the Lynnhaven River, near the area that is nowknown as Witchduck Road. Her name was later cleared in 2006 by Virginia’s governor. Be sure to also visit the Ferry Plantation House near-by, where the original courthouse, that convicted Grace, stood.

The Bunny Hatch

Forget the zoo and discover pigs, snakes, chameleons, and the alleged largest bunny in the world at The Bunny Hutch. This exotic animal rescue houses adoptable pets like Scarlet the Red-Tailed Boa, Tony the Green Iguana, and furry ferrets. But the biggest attraction is the rescue’s largest bunny in the world (as far as they know), Jr, who currently weighs in at 25 pounds!

The Concrete Fleet

Cross the waters to Kiptopeke State Park to see the ghostly fleet of concrete ships, known as the Kiptopeke Breakwater. Lined end to end west of the former Chesapeake Bay ferry terminal are nine of the 24 concrete ships that were contracted by the U.S. Maritime Commission during WW II. If you want to get up close to the decaying ships, rent a kayak at the pier and glide through the waters that surround these unusual ships.

Doumar’s Barbecue

Every day is ice cream day at Doumar’s Barbecue! How can you go wrong with bbq and ice cream? As the home of the original waffle cone, the first ever cone machine is showcased behind the counter as an homage to their humble beginnings. Creating their own shakes, ice cream sundaes, and hand burgers made from scratch, this is classic America at its best.

Mount Trashmore

Created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil, one would never guess this active park resides on a heap of garbage. The former landfill features lakes where visitors can fish, park, trails, and often a skate park. Looking beyond one will notice the entire hill is covered in a thick layer of rubber to keep rainwater from seeping into the trash.

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